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If you received a Title already live error, it means that your title was previously published on Prime Video by another party. To continue, you must provide confirmation that you hold the publishing rights.


  1. Copy the entire form below (click and drag with your mouse pointer to select, then copy to the clipboard) and paste into a text editor or word processing program.
  2. Replace the underlines with the requested information.
  3. Copy your entire completed form and send it to us via the Contact us form. In the How can we help you? list, select Other, and then click Still need help? Fill out the contact form.

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I declare under penalty of perjury that I hold the legal distribution rights for the following title in the listed marketplaces (U.S., Germany, etc.) and offer types (Rent/Buy, Free with Prime, etc.):

PVD account name:    ________________________________________________________________

Title name:          ________________________________________________________________

Title ID:            ________________________________________________________________

Marketplace rights:  ________________________________________________________________

Offer type rights:   ________________________________________________________________

Title IMDb link*:    ________________________________________________________________

Entity name from whom you licensed distribution rights: _____________________________

Entity contact information: _________________________________________________________

* Your company and distributor information must appear on the IMDb title page. Please see for more information.

To locate a title's ID number, sign in to your Prime Video Direct account, click the title name, and look at the URL in the web browser address bar for the title page. The title ID is the alphanumeric string at the end of the URL.

Your Prime Video Direct account name is under your Primary Account Detail and must appear on the IMDb page to confirm rights.

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