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Royalty Information

Royalties are based on how and where your titles are offered through Amazon Video.

Please refer to the Digital License Agreement for complete information. The following standard royalty payments apply:

  • Buy and Rent

    Content providers receive 50% of net revenue. If you offer a season for purchase, customers who have purchased one or more episodes may be able to purchase the season for a discounted price. The season price is reduced by the amount the customer has already spent on previous episodes. You will receive 50% of net revenue for the episode and season purchases.

  • Included with Amazon Prime

    The applicable revenue rate set forth in the table below is multiplied by the number of hours viewed up to an annual period cap of 500,000 hours per title. For example, if a title has 2.5 hours of streaming from U.S. customers, the payment would be $0.37. We log and calculate customer streaming to the second.


    Revenue Rates
    in U.S. Dollars

    Revenue Rates
    in Local Currencies*

    United States



    United Kingdom









    Note: The revenue rate in U.S. dollars is the controlling rate for each location. We have provided the revenue rates in local currencies for your convenience, but such local revenue rates may fluctuate with exchange rates.

    Please refer to the Digital License Agreement for how Hours Viewed is calculated.

  • Free with Ads

    Content providers receive 55% of net advertising revenue streamed with their titles.

  • Subscriptions

    Content providers receive 50% of net monthly revenue.

We issue payments approximately 90 days after the end of the month in which the revenue event occurred. You will receive payment from Amazon via electronic funds transfer unless electronic funds transfer is not available in your location, in which case you will receive payment by wire transfer. If you receive payment via wire transfer, Amazon may withhold payment until you have reached a minimum threshold in accrued license fees for the applicable local marketplace. The minimum threshold for wire transfers are below.

Local Marketplace

Wire Threshold





If your royalty earnings fall below the threshold for wire payments, we will keep a running total and issue payment after the amount exceeds the minimum threshold. Your payment occurs sixty days after the end of the month in which your royalties meet the threshold. When converting local royalty earnings to a different currency, the amount to be paid after conversion must meet the minimum amount banks will allow us to send.

We support electronic payments in the locations listed below. We’re actively expanding the list and will update this information when changes occur.

Payment by EFT

Payment by wire transfer

Royalty payments are made by the following:

Royalty Payer



Amazon Digital Services, LLC

United States

Amazon Media EU S.a.r.l-UK

United Kingdom

Amazon Media EU S.a.r.l-DE

Germany/Austria International Sales, Inc.


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