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European content acquisition

Prime Video is conducting an internal restructure. Following the restructure, the Prime Video content acquisition entity for the European territory is Amazon Digital UK Limited ("ADUK"). All rights (including for the content you currently license to Amazon Media EU S.à r.l, "AMEU") and obligations (including the license fees due to you) will be transferred to ADUK .

This change goes into effect October 1, 2020.


Amazon occasionally restructures businesses to better serve customers and more closely align with business and operational practices.

Amazon Digital UK Limited ("ADUK"), a UK-based entity, will replace Amazon Media Europe S.à r.l Sarl ("AMEU"), a Luxembourg-based entity, as the content acquisition entity for Prime Video in Europe. Existing content acquisition contracts will be transferred from AMEU to ADUK. ADUK is an affiliate of AMEU and a wholly owned subsidiary of, Inc.

Existing Prime Video contracts will be transferred to ADUK. Going forward, all Prime Video contracts for content licensed in Europe will be signed by ADUK.

Action required

All vendors that supply content to the European marketplace are required to complete the new UK Tax Interview. We strongly encourage vendors to complete the new UK Tax Interview and make sure your account information is up-to-date and accurate. This ensures that Prime Video calculates tax correctly, issues you valid VAT invoices, where required, and that payment isn't blocked.

VAT will be charged in addition to royalties such that, following deduction of VAT, this change will not impact the amount of royalty’s earnings you receive.

VAT and billing

Payments made by ADUK to partners will be subject to UK VAT, either charged on invoice for domestic transactions with UK-based VAT registered partners or under the reverse-charge mechanism for cross-border transactions with non-UK partners. Per UK VAT legislation, ADUK has to hold VAT-compliant invoices issued by or on behalf of content providers to reclaim the associated VAT due on the content acquisition. Following the deduction of VAT, this change will not impact the amount of royalty’s earnings you receive.

If you have a valid VAT Registration Number (VRN), you are required to select one of the below billing options:

  • Recommended: Amazon Self Billing (ASB)
    This option most closely mirrors your current billing experience. Selecting this option gives Amazon permission to generate a VAT-compliant invoice on your behalf and send payments to you automatically. Failure to renew your Self-Billing agreement could result in account suspension and/or termination.
  • Amazon Rendered Billing (ARB)
    Amazon generates a draft invoice and presents to you for approval. Your approval on each draft invoice is a pre-condition for payment. Failure to approve your invoices two months from the invoice generation date could result in account suspension and/or termination.
  • Vendor-Initiated Billing (VIB)
    You send Amazon an invoice as a pre-condition to payment. Amazon then validates the invoice internally, matches to our own costing outputs, and submits payment.

Note: Vendors may be subject to additional invoicing requirements depending on their domestic laws.

If your permanent address is outside of the EU, you're eligible for "No Billing" which means you aren't required to provide an invoice to ADUK as a pre-condition for payment. If your permanent address is within the EU but you don't have a valid VRN, you're eligible for "No Billing."

Your taxable location is determined by your Permanent Address (i.e. registered place of business), as collected through the Tax Questionnaire mentioned above.

Even if you've already provided your VRN in a previous onboarding process, you must submit it again. It's important that you provide your VRN and taxable country via the new Tax Questionnaire to ensure we can correctly identify your taxable presence.

Portal access

Invite additional members of your team to your Prime Video Direct portal by clicking Your Account on the drop-down menu after clicking your username on the top of your browser window. Click + Invite Users to send an invitation and designate Bank & Tax permissions. Learn more about getting started on Prime Video Direct.

Bank & Tax permissions

If you have access to Prime Video Direct, but don't have Bank & Tax permissions, the member of your team who created your Prime Video Direct account has access to Bank & Tax permissions and can extend permissions to you by navigating to the Users & Roles tab.

If your organization publishes content through both Video Central and Prime Video Direct, you must complete the financial onboarding steps for both services.

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