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Common error messages

The following list contains common error messages you might receive when submitting content and an explanation for each one.
  • Captions — Consistently Out of Sync   This error is typically associated with the timecoding of the captions file and can usually be corrected by adjusting the time coding and ensuring proper alignment with the video file. A good way to double check your whether your captions are in sync is to play your video and look at the timecodes in the beginning, middle, and end to make sure they are in sync throughout the film.
  • Captions — Gradually Out of Sync   This error is typically associated with the captions frame rate. If a captions file is sourced by a third-party captioning service, please check that the frame rate you selected when uploading your caption file matches the frame rate in which your caption file was created. If your captions file is in SRT file format, you must ensure your captions file is properly time coded as adjusting the framerate will have no impact on synchronization.
  • Graphic Assets — Padded Images   Graphic assets shouldn't contain added borders, or odd, empty spaces. For Graphic Asset design considerations, please see Page 5 of the Graphic Assets Guide.
  • Graphic Assets — Title Name Not Displayed on Key Art   Your graphic assets must display the title name entered in the Title Information section on the Catalog Listing tab when viewing the title on the Prime Video Direct website.
  • Graphic Assets — Stretched or Narrowed Images   Please don't stretch/skew/distort art to create another image asset. For Graphic Asset design considerations, please see Page 5 of the Graphic Assets Guide.
  • Metadata — Rating Inaccurate   Content providers are presented with an option to give us their titles’ official ratings. A Suggested Rating is a required option for titles that don't have an official rating.
  • Mezzanine — Watermark/Logo   We don't accept content that contains logos or other images/text that persist throughout the video file.
  • Mezzanine — Unsupported Functionality   We don't accept content that contains references to functionality or calls to action that are unsupported in the Prime Video application (e.g. Subscribe, like this video, leave a comment, click here to…, etc.).
  • Mezzanine — Contains URL/External Link   We don't accept content that contains a URL, external link, contact information, or call to take action outside of the Prime Video application.
  • Mezzanine — Contains Advertisement   We don't accept content containing an advertisement or consisting solely of advertisements.
  • Mezzanine — Product Review   We don’t accept content which contains or consists solely of a product review.
  • Category — Inaccurate   If your content doesn't fall into one of our defined categories, the content is ineligible for submission via Prime Video Direct. Please see Category Definitions for more information.
  • Rating — Inaccurate   You should only enter ratings issued or regulated by an official rating organization or guidelines. If your title doesn’t have a rating, select Title not officially rated, and then select a suggested rating based on the video content.

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