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Billing preferences

  • Tax information must be provided before updating your billing preferences.
  • Billing preferences are required to publish titles to European territories.
  • Changes to your billing preferences affect royalties for the entire month regardless when in the month the change is made.

If you publish content in a European or UK territory, you may be required to complete a UK Tax Questionnaire. The new Tax Questionnaire is available in Your Account settings.

Your billing preferences are required because, as part of our potential acquisition entity change, valid VAT invoices may become a pre-requisite to payment for EU and UK content providers. For more information, see European content acquisition.

Submit billing preferences

  1. Sign in using your Amazon user account associated with your company portal or create an account, and then choose Invoices.
  2. Before you can indicate your billing preferences, to comply with local billing laws and receive payments, you must complete the UK tax interview and provide the necessary tax information about your business. If you haven’t already provided this, on the My Account page, in Tax Information, click Complete tax information. You will be redirected to a secure tax platform for a short questionnaire, and then returned to the Tax Information page to submit your billing preferences.
  3. Please review and submit your billing preferences. In Billing Preferences, you will see highlighted regions with pre-selected billing preferences that comply with local law. For each highlighted region, review the pre-selected billing preferences. Billing preferences include No Billing, Self-Billing, and Amazon Rendered Billing. You can change the pre-selected options if you so choose, if they are valid options for that region.
    • No Billing

      If you’re in a region where No Billing is allowed, this will be pre-selected. Under No Billing, Amazon pays you automatically, no invoice generation or submission is needed, and no further action on your part is required.

    • Self-Billing

      If No Billing isn't permissible by local law, and both Self-Billing and Amazon Rendered Billing are acceptable billing preferences for a given account, Self-Billing is pre-selected. Self-Billing is preferred over Amazon Rendered Billing because it requires the least user action. With Self-Billing, Amazon will pay you automatically, generate an invoice for each payment for your records, and automatically approve invoices for you. Your only responsibility is to grant Amazon permissions for automatic invoice approval by agreeing to the Self-Billing terms and conditions on this page initially and renewing it annually after that.

      Note: If there’s a change to your Value-Added Tax (VAT) registration status, you must renew your Self-Billing agreement.

      To agree to the Self-Billing agreement:
      1. Agree to the terms and conditions.
      2. To confirm Self-Billing as your billing preference for the pre-selected regions, choose Submit.

      To renew the Self-Billing agreement:

      Please return to the Billing Preferences page, review the terms and conditions again, select the check box as your acceptance. 30 days before the Self-Billing agreement expires, you will see a reminder on this page, prompting you to renew the agreement by agreeing to the terms and conditions again. You will also receive an email reminder.

      If your Self-Billing agreement has expired and you don’t renew it, all regions set to Self-Billing will default to Amazon Rendered Billing. This means that you will need to approve each invoice manually, prior to payment. To avoid this, you can go back and renew the Self-Billing agreement. Failure to renew your Self-Billing agreement could result in account suspension and/or termination.

    • Amazon Rendered Billing
      Amazon Rendered Billing requires your action before payment can be delivered. Amazon will generate an invoice for each of your business jurisdictions. Before payment can be issued, you must review the invoice and choose Approve.
    • If the renewal date for the annual Self-Billing agreement has passed and isn’t renewed, new invoices that come in for payments will be processed as Amazon Rendered Billing, which requires that you manually approve invoices. Failure to approve your invoices two months from the invoice generation date could result in account suspension and/or termination.

Change billing preferences

To make changes to your billing preferences, in Billing Preferences, click Edit, and then update your billing preference. When you’re done, click Submit.

Important: If you haven’t yet provided tax information, you are prompted to do so before updating your billing preferences.

Changes to your billing preferences affect royalties for the entire month regardless when in the month the change is made.

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