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All titles undergo manual and automated reviews before we make a licensing decision. Titles must also adhere to the basic minimum Asset requirements and Content Policy Guidelines to be considered.

At this time, we're no longer accepting unsolicited licensing submissions via Prime Video Direct for non-fiction and short form content. We’ll notify you if these categories become available for consideration.

Additional content categories that are no longer accepted via Prime Video Direct may include, but aren't limited to, slide shows, vlogs, podcasts, tutorials, filmed conferences, monologues, toy play, music videos, and voiceover gameplay.

Category list (not all categories accepted at this time)

  • Movies
    Professionally produced content containing a storyline with a runtime of 40 minutes or more.
  • TV shows
    (Episodic titles only) Professionally produced content containing a storyline with episode runtimes that typically exceed 10 minutes.
  • Short films
    Professionally produced content containing a storyline with a runtime of 40 minutes or less for standalone content or 10 minutes or less for episodes.
  • Clips
    Content which is short in duration (runtime of approximately 10 minutes or less), an excerpt from a longer recording, or a compilation of clips.
  • Concerts and performances
    Content of a performer or group of performers presenting one or more works of art, including live performances.
  • Educational
    Content which is instructional or educational in nature.
  • Interviews
    Content containing one-on-one or one-to-many conversations in a question and answer forum.
  • Reporting and journalism
    Professionally produced content containing informative discussion or opinion related to events, ideas, or individuals.
  • Sporting events
    Content of a broadcast of sanctioned athletic or sporting events.

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