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Customer Engagement Ranking

The Customer Engagement Ranking (CER) is a percentile ranking of a title’s level of engagement with our Prime customers in relation to other Included with Prime (SVOD) titles published via Prime Video Direct within a single territory. It is calculated using a number of factors, including the relative popularity of your title in our catalog and measures of customer engagement such as streamed hours. CER is calculated at season level for episodic content and is calculated on an individual title level for standalone titles.

Impact on earnings

Effective January 1, 2020, Included with Prime titles published into select territories will be compensated using Customer Engagement Ranking (CER). For confirmation of which territories will be impacted, refer to your rate card through the banner on your dashboard. Royalties from these territories are calculated every month based on a title’s CER, which is provided in a monthly report for you to download. When customers watch and enjoy your title, the CER for that title might increase, which would increase the potential compensation of your title. Delivering Prime customers’ content that they will love to watch helps ensure that you maximize your potential earnings.


In June 2019, Title "A" garners a CER of 88% based on its streaming performance in the US. This means that this title has a higher level of customer engagement than 88% of other Included with Prime Prime Video Direct titles in the United States. As such, for this title, all hours streamed in June would be compensated at a higher relative royalty rate within the range of that territory.

This is because the United States royalty rate takes into account an adjustment due to CER. (For illustration purposes, we’ll assume that a CER of 88% correlates to $0.08 CPH). Every hour which Title "A" streamed that month in the United States would be paid out at $0.08/hour. Conversely, titles that finish with lower CER (e.g., 10%) might earn lower relative CPH levels, which would affect the rate at which their hours streamed are paid out. The minimum royalty rate in the United States is $0.01 cost per hour (CPH).

CER for each title updates monthly and may change monthly. A title’s CER in June only affects June earnings and a title’s CER in August only affect August earnings and so forth.

Factors that contribute to CER

CER takes into consideration multiple customer signals which could include:

  • Unique Customers   Current and new Prime members who view your title.
  • Streamed Hours   The time each customer spends engaging with your content.
  • Title Popularity   Notable talent, relevant genres, an IMDb presence and rating, and box office performance.
  • Title Caliber   Compelling and high-quality poster art, accurate and representative copy and metadata, localized subtitles and key art. For more information, review the publishing steps for standalone and episodic titles, art requirements, and caption (timed text) information.

View title's CER

CER for each title in your Included with Prime (SVOD) catalog is displayed in your downloadable earnings report in your Dashboard. It is provided on a per-title level and can be viewed by downloading the prior month’s earnings performance in Dashboard.

Impact on Dashboard

The Customer Engagement Ranking (CER) for each title in your Included with Prime (SVOD) catalog will be displayed in your downloadable earnings report in your Dashboard. Your Dashboard will no longer display estimated earnings for Included with Prime titles published in territories compensated using CER, but will continue to be shown for all other territories. You will continue to see final earnings (available about 15 days after the close of a month) and will continue to receive all performance metrics (minutes streamed, unique streams, etc.) for each title.

Best practices for customer engagement

While there are many ways to increase customer engagement, our most successful providers increase engagement by using some of the following best practices:

  • Review Dashboard performance metrics to identify engagement trends, top performing titles, and more. Use these insights to bring additional selection and quality content for customers on Prime Video.
  • Provide accurate, crisp, clear and compelling title metadata (e.g., synopsis). Make sure you review our Content Policy Guidelines.
  • Create an IMDb page for your title. If your title already has an IMDb page, make sure production and award details are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Align your programming with seasonal relevancy. (For key holidays, make sure that your relevant titles are published well in advance).
  • Consider customers’ regional localization preferences. For example, you might consider dubbing your content when publishing to a territory with a localized audio preference.
  • Engage with your existing audience to promote your content available on Prime Video (e.g., social media). It is critical that your posts and promotions use accurate Amazon branding and approved language. See our branding guidelines, Graphic Assets Guide, and Social Media Guide for more information and tips.

Note: The above list is provided as general guidance and isn't intended to guarantee an improvement in your title’s performance or customer engagement.

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