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Press Releases

  • Only titles that have already successfully published to Prime Video may be marketed using Amazon Marks.
  • All press releases and media pitches mentioning Amazon must be submitted to
  • Follow all trademark guidelines and the Prime Video Logos & Usage Guide when using Amazon trademarks.

All Public Relations activities, including press releases which include the Amazon Marks must be shared in advance with the Prime Video Direct PR team. Please allow 10 business days for approval.

You may not engage in any PR activities using the Amazon brand or logo before you have received approval from Amazon. Also, don't issue your release until your title is live on Prime Video.

Developing the Press Release

Drafting and issuing the press release is your organization’s responsibility. Prime Video doesn't write press releases and these aren't joint announcements. All releases must abide by the following guidelines:

Before submitting your release for approval, review the checklist below to ensure that your release fits all the criteria to avoid delays during the review process.

The release should not:

  • Use the terms "partners" or "partnership" to describe the relationship.
  • Refer to Prime Video Direct as the destination to view your content. Remember, Prime Video Direct is the business-facing distribution service and isn't a viewing destination.
  • Include a quote from a Prime Video executive.
  • Feature the Prime Video logo.
  • Refer to your title as an "Exclusive," "Special," or "Original."
  • Disclose proprietary information about Amazon.
  • Include viewership projections.
  • Refer to the Amazon stock ticker symbol (AMZN).
  • Use the "About Amazon" boilerplate. It's reserved for Amazon releases only.
  • Make claims about someone or something being "the best," "first," "only," etc.

Approval process

Press releases must be submitted to Allow 10 business days for approval and review the checklist under Developing the Release before submitting. Also, use the Press Release template as a guide to avoid delays.

We will track our changes and send the Press Release back to you. Please make the noted changes and send us a final copy of the approved release for our files prior to distribution.

Due to the high volume of requests, if edits aren’t incorporated in the second review round, we will not approve the release for distribution.

Don't issue your release until your title is live on Prime Video.


This template can be used as a guide when drafting your press release.

Please keep your release to 1.5 pages or less.

Headline example:

[Insert Title] Now Available on Amazon Prime Video as Part of the Prime Video Direct Content Submission Portal

Paragraph 1:
Include date of release and overview of the news.
Example: Month XX, 20XX – [Insert title] is now available on Prime Video as part of the Prime Video Direct content submission portal in X countries/regions.

Paragraph 2:
Summary of the title/synopsis and cast members information, if relevant.

Paragraph 3:
Quote from cast, producer, or director. Note: Prime Video will not provide a quote.

Paragraph 4
Link to landing page.
Example: For more information about [insert title], go to [insert website].

Paragraph 5
(optional): Boilerplate/” about” section. Note: Use of the Amazon or Prime Video boilerplate isn't permitted.

Paragraph 6
(optional): Contact information
  • First Name Last Name
  • Title
  • Company
  • Direct phone number
  • Email address
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