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Submission requirements

All content submitted through Prime Video Direct is made available at the sole discretion of Amazon. At this time, we're no longer accepting unsolicited licensing submissions via Prime Video Direct for non-fiction and short form content. We’ll notify you if these categories become available for consideration. Submission of your content doesn’t guarantee that your title will be selected for licensing or published by a given date

As of November 1, 2021, Prime Video Direct doesn't accept unsolicited licensing submissions for content with the "Included with Prime" (SVOD) offer type. Prime Video Direct will continue to help rights holders offer fictional titles for rent/buy (TVOD) through Prime Video.

Please ensure your title is eligible for publication consideration prior to submission by reviewing our Content Policy Guidelines, Asset requirements, and Licensing consideration and title review prior to submitting content.

Required information

All titles must include the following information:

  • Title name
    This is how customers will be able to identify and search for your title. The title name must be displayed on your graphic assets exactly as it's entered in this field.
  • Category
    This indicates the type of programming and usually corresponds to its duration (like movie, short film, educational, or clips). If your content doesn't fall into one our defined categories, the content is ineligible for submission via Prime Video Direct. For more information, see Publishing FAQS - How do I select the appropriate Category for my title?
  • Title metadata language
    This is the language of the Title Name, synopsis, and title details. Available locations are based on the metadata language you select when adding a title. For more information, see Location requirements.
  • Synopsis
    This is a short description of your title, what it's about, and how to describe it. The Synopsis is presented to customers when they view the title detail page so it’s best to make it both informative and interesting.
  • Genre
    Genres help viewers know the stylistic format they can expect (like science fiction, comedy, or drama). We also use them in search, personalization, and categorization of content. Note: Prime video may add or remove genres to improve discoverability. For a complete list, see Genre definitions.
  • Country of origin
    The most significant factor to consider when determining the country of origin of a work is the place of establishment of the production company (or companies).
  • Rating
    Regulators or organizations in each marketplace create ratings criteria for movies and TV shows, however if your title is not officially rated, you must select Suggested Rating - Title not officially rated.
  • Cast and crew information
    A minimum of one crew member must be added, but we recommend that you also enter at least key actors for improved search discoverability on Prime Video. If you're publishing a movie or TV show, then you must provide a director.
  • Mezzanine file
    Prime Video Direct supports video resolutions up to 1920x1080p. (4K UHD content isn't supported at this time.) Our software automatically adjusts the delivery streams to a resolution appropriate to the customer's device and connection speed. For more information, see Mezzanine requirements.
  • Captions file
    Amazon is a customer-obsessed company and captions help ensure a consistent viewing experience for all customers, including those who might be hearing-impaired, are non-native English speakers. For more information, see Captions requirements.
  • Key Art
    Key art represents your title on Prime Video. Key art is required in two aspect ratios for episodic and standalone titles and must display your exact title name. For more information, see Art requirements.
  • Availability options
    Prime Video Direct allows rights holders to make titles available to Buy or Rent in select marketplaces, including (U.S.), (UK), (Germany & Austria), and (Japan). For more information, see Royalty information.

Note: You must save your changes first. The Submit button is available after you've saved, and when all required files and options are selected (the tab changes from blue to green). After submitting a title, locate its alphanumeric Title ID at the end of the URL in the Video Direct website.

Classic marketplaces (US/UK/DE/JP)

Locations listed on the Availability tab are based on the metadata language selected when adding a title. For example, when adding a title, if you select:

  • English metadata language, you will only see U.S. and UK as eligible locations on the Availability tab.
  • German metadata language you will only see Germany as an eligible location on the Availability tab.
  • Japanese metadata language you will only see Japan as an eligible location on the Availability tab.

Europe and UK

If you submit content for licensing consideration in Europe or the UK, you're required to complete a UK Tax Questionnaire and submit billing preferences. The new Tax Questionnaire is available in the Prime Video portal in Your Account settings and determines whether you receive a monthly VAT invoice.

Germany and Japan

To add a new location, you must add a metadata language that corresponds to the location you want to submit content to (i.e. English metadata language for U.S. and UK, German metadata language for Germany, or Japanese metadata language for Japan).

For example, if you only see U.S. or UK on your availability tab, but you want to submit content in Germany or Japan, you must add German or Japanese metadata language, respectively. You must also provide localized audio or captions file for Germany, or localized audio and burnt-in subtitles for Japan (Note: Japan doesn't support Japanese caption files).

India and Rest of world

To inform us of your interest in gaining access to additional territories, sign in to your Prime Video Direct account and complete the territory request form.

We're unable to respond to each request, but will contact you if there's an opportunity to expand access for your account. Completion of the request form doesn't guarantee expanded access or a response. Prime Video Direct reserves the right to allow or revoke access to additional territories.

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