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Performance metrics

You can track minutes and unique streams for one or all of your titles. Unique streams is the total count of unique streaming sessions. It’s the same as the total count of customer Play button clicks. For example, if a customer starts watching a title in a web browser, switches to a mobile device, and then continues on Fire TV it’s counted as three unique streams.

  • In Dashboard, under Performance Metrics, select Minutes streamed (and monetization type) or Unique streams (and monetization type), a time period, and one or all of your titles.

Subscription metrics

Review your subscription metrics, including free trial starts, paid conversions, cancellations, and total subscriber count.

  • In Dashboard, under Subscription Metrics, select the time period.


  • Trial Starts   Count of customers starting a trial subscription
  • Cancellations   Count of customers that cancelled a subscription
  • Paid Conversions   Count of customers that switched from a trial to paid subscription


  • Active trial   Count of customers in a trial subscription
  • Active paid   Count of customers paying for the subscription

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