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Add files from Amazon S3

If you save your media assets on Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), you can use your S3 account to add files for publishing to Prime Video Direct.

The first time you choose to add files from Amazon S3, you're prompted to link your Amazon S3 account with Prime Video Direct in a one-time setup process. You will create a folder in your Amazon S3 bucket specifically for Prime Video Direct files, then grant permissions for Prime Video Direct to copy the files from the folder. Only Amazon S3 buckets are supported. Files can't be added from Amazon Glacier storage.

Please refer to your Amazon Web Services agreement for storage and transfer costs.

Note: Amazon S3 linking requires administrative privileges in the AWS Management Console.

  1. In the publishing process, when asked to add files, on the Browse dialog box, under On Amazon S3, click Get started.
  2. Enter your Amazon S3 bucket name.
  3. Go to the Amazon S3 bucket specified in step 2, and then create a folder with the name shown in the dialog box.
  4. Add files to the new folder, and then click Continue.
  5. Prime Video Direct can only copy files from the folder created in step 3. In AWS Management Console, go to Properties for the bucket you specified in step 2. Copy and paste the permission statement to the bucket properties.
  6. Click Show S3 file list to view and select files.

The next time you click Browse, you can choose to add files on your computer or Amazon S3 without repeating the process above.

Delete files from your Amazon S3 account

You may delete files from your S3 account at any time. If you have copied a file (such as mezzanine or key art) to a title in Your Videos before deleting it from S3, the file will remain attached to that title.

Disconnect Prime Video Direct from your Amazon S3 account

  1. Click Add file.
  2. Click Forget S3 bucket.

Important: If you forget an Amazon S3 bucket, you can’t use the same folder again. To add files from Amazon S3 later, you must re-link your Amazon S3 account and copy files into a new folder.

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