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Set up account

  • The email address listed under Primary Account Details, Your Amazon Account, and Your Business Profile must match.

In addition to contact information, you'll need the following financial information to complete account setup:

  • Bank account number in one of our supported locations.
  • Bank routing ID (examples include ABA routing number, IBAN, BIC, and SWIFT code)
  • Tax ID number

Create account

  1. Go to If you have an account, go to

    Note: Entering Japanese characters isn't currently supported at Please create your account at

  2. Sign in with your Amazon account or create one.
  3. Read the Prime Video Direct Digital License Agreement, and then click Agree.

Complete your profile

  1. Under Your Administrator Profile, in the Name box, enter your first and last name.
  2. In the Phone number box, enter your phone number including country or region (for non-U.S. numbers) and area code.
  3. In the Job position list, select your role. The job position helps us understand your role and provides a contact within your organization if we have questions about your Prime Video Direct account.
  4. Under Company Profile, in the Company box, enter your company’s name. If you're setting up an account as individual, enter your first and last name as the company name.
  5. Complete the remaining entries in the Company Profile section.
  6. Optionally, add a second person’s name and email address that can act as a backup account administrator. This person receives an email invite and is added to the User & Roles section of Your Account as an administrator with full access to the Prime Video Direct account.
  7. Click Save & Continue.

Set up payments for sales

  1. Under Add Your Bank Account, click Add a Bank Account.
  2. Select the Bank or region, and then click Add.
  3. Follow the steps below matching where your account is based:
  4. United States bank accounts
    European Union and United Kingdom bank accounts
    Japan bank accounts

    For bank accounts in other locations, please provide the information requested on the form. For supported locations, please see Electronic payments. If your bank isn't in one of these locations, we will not be able to pay you and you will not be able to publish content. To continue, you will need to create an account with a bank located in one of the countries or regions we support.

  5. To add more bank accounts, click Add Bank Account. Additional bank accounts can be used to receive royalty payments in a different currency. Royalty payments are made in the default currency of the bank’s location.
  6. Click Save & Continue.

    Important: You can skip the payment section, but it must be completed before publishing titles.

Submit tax information

  1. Under Complete Your Payment Setup: Tax Status, click Complete Tax Information.
  2. Complete the requested tax information. Note: if you’re signing up as a Single Member LLC, select Individual.

Important: You can skip the tax information section, but it must be completed before publishing titles.

You can check the status of your tax information submission by returning to the Tax Information page. Tax statuses are explained in the Tax Information FAQs under "What does my tax status mean?"

To make updates to your tax information, on the Tax Information page, click View/Update Tax Information.

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