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Publishing FAQs

What are the most common Content Policy Guidelines rejections?

Am I required to upload a separate closed caption file for every title/marketplace?

How do I publish titles in multiple languages or territories outside of the U.S. and UK?

How can I publish to other territories like Italy, Spain, India, etc. if they don't show up in my account?

When Prime Video adds additional marketplaces, do I have to update availability of my titles?

How do I select the appropriate Category for my title?

How do I change the category for an episodic title?

How do I pick the rating for my title?

When my title will go live?

What do the publishing status icons mean in Your Videos?

Will I receive publishing status email notifications?

Why does the price of my title not reflect the price I indicated on Prime Video Direct?

What is a standalone title versus episodic titles?

How do I add files from Amazon S3?

How do I switch a title between standalone and episodic?

What are the video specifications?

Can I submit 4K UHD titles?

Is there a maximum title running time?

Is there a minimum number of episodes required for a season?

Am I required to submit complete seasons?

Can I submit a title with additional audio tracks?

Can I add keywords to a title's metadata?

Which web browser should I use when using my account?

How do I address customer review issues?

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