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Publish a standalone title

  • Available locations are based on the metadata language selected when adding a title. To add a new location, create a title entry and select the corresponding metadata language.
  • Publishing titles in some territories is by invitation only. Your account territory list reflects your publishing access permissions.
  • All titles undergo a multi-factor review before and after publishing to help ensure they continuously meet our quality standards and Content Policy Guidelines.

A standalone title consists of a single video that isn’t part of a larger episodic collection. For example, a feature film, short film, or documentary are all standalone titles.

Create a standalone title

  1. Click Your Videos.
  2. Click the Standalone tab.
  3. Click Add Title.
  4. In the Title box, enter a name.
  5. In the Category list, select a category that matches the content you’re publishing.

    Category listing
  6. Select a Title Metadata Language.

    Note: A title’s metadata language determines the locations to which it can be published. For supported languages by location, see Location Requirements.

  7. Click Continue.

Enter catalog information

The Title, Category, and Title Metadata Language you previously entered are added to the Catalog Listing tab.

  1. On the Catalog Listing tab, in the Synopsis box, enter up to a 400-character description.

    Note: Some language alphabets contain letters and symbols that count as more than one character. The counter below the text box provides an accurate character count.

  2. In the Genre box, enter at least one and up to three genres.

    What are genres?

  3. In the Country of origin box, enter at least one country where the production company responsible for this work was established.

    What is country of origin?

  4. Each title can have multiple official ratings. If your title doesn't have an official rating, you may suggest a rating based on the video content.
    1. In the Rating system list, select a rating system.

      What is Rating system?

    2. In the Rating list, select the assigned rating. If you selected Suggested Rating – Title not official rated in the previous step, in the Rating: Please select list, select a suggested audience based on the video content.
  5. Optionally, in the Original language list, select the release language.
  6. Optionally, in the Original release year, enter the release year.
  7. Under Graphic Assets, click Browse to add key art (16:9 and 4:3) and (optionally) a background image. Please provide all graphic assets in the .jpg or .png file formats. You can add files from your computer or a linked Amazon S3 account.

    What are the requirements for key and background art?

  8. Click Save.

Enter cast & crew information

A minimum of one crew member must be added, but we recommend that you also enter at least key actors for improved search discoverability on Prime Video. If you're publishing a movie or TV show, then you must provide a Director.

  1. On the Cast & Crew tab, under Studio/Creator, enter the name as it will appear on Prime Video.
  2. Enter at least one crew member.
    1. Under Crew, in the Name box, type the crew member’s name.
    2. In the Role list, select the crew member’s role in the production.
    3. Click Add crew member.
    4. Repeat these steps for each crew member you want to add.
  3. Cast members are optional, but for videos with characters or voices, we highly recommend entering at least the main characters. The top entries will appear as "Starring" actors on Prime Video.
    1. Under Cast, in the Actor box, type the actor’s stage name.
    2. In the Character box, enter the character portrayed in the video.
    3. Click Add cast member.
    4. Repeat these steps for each crew member you want to add.
  4. Click Save.

Re-order or delete cast and crew entries

After you've entered a cast or crew member, reorder the list by using the up and down arrow buttons, or delete an entry by clicking X. For cast members, the top four entries will appear as "Starring" actors on Prime Video.

Add video assets

Files can be added from your computer or Amazon S3 account.

  1. On the Video Assets tab, under Mezzanine file, click Browse to select a file to add. This is your main video file. You can add files from your computer or a linked Amazon S3 account.

    For more information, see Mezzanine Requirements.

    What is a mezzanine file?

  2. Select the language of the audio in the video.
  3. Under Captions, click Browse to select your captions data file. You can add files from your computer or a linked Amazon S3 account. Captions are required for all titles published in the U.S. and Amazon Prime titles worldwide, except Japan where Japanese captions are currently unavailable. For titles with no dialogue or extended scenes with no spoken content, add descriptive captions that describe the background or foreground audio elements or use [no audio] before silent scenes.
  4. To synchronize the captions file with the video timecode, select the Frame rate and time code method in the lists. For more information about captions, see Caption (timed text) Information.
  5. Select the language of the captions file
  6. Optionally, under Trailer, click Browse to select a trailer mezzanine file. You can add files from your computer or a linked Amazon S3 account. While the trailer is optional, we highly recommend you add it to your content.

    What are the trailer guidelines?

  7. Click Save.

When adding files from your computer, don’t close your web browser window until the file transfer is complete.

Note: If your upload is interrupted (including browser crashes, exiting a tab, or loss of Internet connectivity), select the same file, click Save, and the upload will resume where it left off.

Specify availability

  1. In Your Videos, on the Standalone tab, click the title.
  2. On the Availability tab, select in which territories and how you want make this title available to Amazon customers.

    Paid Channels

    If you select Rent or Buy, you're asked to choose between Preset pricing and Custom pricing (advanced). Preset pricing includes Value, best for older and back catalog videos, and Base, best for balancing cost with wide audience appeal. Note: Amazon reserves the right to change prices.

    Note: For information about royalties, see Royalty Information.

  3. You can choose individual availability windows for each territory where you are making your title available. Click the three dots to specify availability windows.

    As soon as possible (ASAP)
    Advanced options
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Publish.

Publish title

When you are ready to submit your title for publishing, click Publish.

Note: The Publish button is available when all required files and options are selected. Also, you must have Payments and Banking information on-file, including approved Tax Information.

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