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Get started

Prime Video Direct is free to use. There are no setup or recurring charges to submit content or manage your titles through Prime Video Direct. After you’ve set up an account, submit your content to buy or rent in select marketplaces, including (U.S.), (UK), (Germany & Austria), and (Japan).

We generally license professionally produced, feature-length movies and TV shows that have been theatrically released, broadcast on a major TV network, or selected by a major film festival. Even if a title has one or more of these attributes, Prime Video may still choose not to license it. Conversely, Prime Video may choose to license a limited number of titles that haven't been in theaters, broadcast, or selected by a major festival.

At this time, we're no longer accepting unsolicited licensing submissions via Prime Video Direct for non-fiction and short form content. We’ll notify you if these categories become available for consideration.

The account setup has four parts.

  1. Create your account

    Link your existing Amazon account or create one to use with Prime Video Direct.

  2. Create a Company Profile

    Your Company Profile includes account and address information. A Company Profile is required even if you’re not part of an organization. If you're setting up an account as individual, enter your first and last name as the company name.

  3. Setup payment and banking information

    We electronically pay royalties to the bank account information you provide. Prime Video customers pay in local currencies, but we pay your royalties in the default currency of your bank account’s location (except Brazil). For supported locations, please see Electronic payments. We issue payments approximately 90 days after the end of the month in which the revenue event occurred.

  4. Submit tax information

    U.S. tax law regulations require you to submit information about your tax status. In your account, a secure tax questionnaire enables you to submit required tax information.

When your account is set up, submit titles for licensing consideration, promote accepted titles, and track their performance.

  • Submit content

    Submitting content for licensing consideration and publishing is key part of getting your videos to Prime Video customers. The process includes not only uploading the mezzanine (video) file, captions file, and key art, but also adding supporting metadata, configuring availability, and specifying monetization options. Before a licensing decision can be made, we assess your submission through a series of automated and manual reviews which can take up to three weeks. See Title submission for more information.

  • Asset requirements

    All Prime Video Direct titles are required to have a mezzanine, a captions file (depending on location), and graphic assets that fall within our technical specifications. See Asset requirements for more information.

  • Promote your titles

    We supply a number of free resources that offer tips and suggestions to help promote your titles and effectively drive engagement for your content on Prime Video Direct. Note: You can't promote your title or announce its availability on Prime Video until it has been selected for publication. See Promote your titles for more information.

  • Dashboard

    The Dashboard is where you review streaming performance, revenue, and payment history. Review your dashboard to identify engagement trends, top performing titles, and more. Use these insights to bring additional selection and quality content for customers on Prime Video. See Dashboard for more information.

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