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Amazon Video Direct Stars

Amazon Video Direct Stars is an incentive program that provides the opportunity to earn monthly bonuses for video creators and providers that publish titles through Amazon Video Direct and make them available in Prime Video.


Each calendar month Amazon will determine the (1) Top 50 movie titles, (2) Top 10 TV seasons, and (3) Top 25 digital content providers (aggregate of titles) across all other eligible content types published through Amazon Video Direct and made available in Prime Video during the month based on global customer engagement. A $1 million bonus will be shared by the content providers with the highest customer engagement during the month in these categories.

Customer engagement is determined by metrics, including, but not limited to, how many people watch, how long they watch and customer ratings. There are no limits on how many of your newly published Prime Video titles are eligible and providers can earn bonuses in multiple categories. The final determination of global customer engagement and bonus award amounts for each monthly period will be determined by Amazon, in its sole discretion. Bonuses paid through Amazon Video Direct Stars are separate from the royalties earned otherwise through Amazon Video Direct. Stars payments don’t appear in Amazon Video Direct on the Dashboard page.

Bonuses paid through the Amazon Video Direct Stars program will be determined in U.S. dollars. If you have elected to receive royalty payments in another currency, we will convert the bonus amount to that payment currency at a market exchange rate that we or our bank determine, which will be inclusive of all fees and charges for the conversion.

Award Periods and Payments

Each Amazon Video Direct Stars award period will last one calendar month. Bonus recipients will be notified via email within the calendar month immediately following the applicable monthly period for which the bonus is being awarded. At Amazon’s sole discretion, the list of winners may also be disclosed publically. Bonuses will be paid no later than the last day of the second month following the conclusion of the applicable Stars period. For example, for the Stars monthly period lasting June 1–30, the bonus recipients will be notified by July 31 and be paid by August 30.

There may be a lag time between when you submit a title for publishing to Prime Video through Amazon Video Direct and when the title becomes available to customers. Amazon is not responsible for any delay in publishing that may affect a content provider’s eligibility to receive a bonus or limit the number of days during a calendar month that a title is available on Prime Video.


  • An Amazon account
  • Acceptance of, and compliance with, all of the terms of the Amazon Video Direct Digital License Agreement

Title Eligibility

To be eligible, a title must be published to Amazon Video through Amazon Video Direct and made available in Prime Video in at least one country. We don’t require that titles are exclusive to Amazon Video or Prime Video. Titles can also be offered with additional availability options, including buy, rent or ad-supported.

Only titles published through Amazon Video Direct are eligible. Migrated titles from Amazon CreateSpace and previously published Amazon Video titles (whether offered through Prime Video or not) are not eligible.

In addition to compliance with all of the terms and conditions associated with use of Amazon Video Direct, including, without limitation, in the Digital License Agreement and the Terms of Use, your title must meet the following requirements to be included in Prime Video: (1) have HD picture quality, (2) be closed captioned or subtitled, and (3) have a rating of “R” or less (or an equivalent through relevant local rating agencies). You must also make the title available to Amazon Prime customers for at least 30 days. We reward titles based on total customer engagement for the month, so it’s to your advantage to have titles live for as much of the month as possible. Note that our terms for inclusion in Prime Video are subject to change.

We determine bonus recipients for each category as follows: (1) for Movies, based on individual title; (2) for TV Seasons, based on aggregate of episodes rolled up to season level; and (3) for all other eligible content types, based on aggregate of titles rolled up to the provider level. Amazon reserves the right (in its sole discretion) to determine participant and title eligibility and to suspend or cancel the Amazon Video Direct Stars program at any time, or otherwise change any of the terms of the program, including, but not limited to, making changes that may adversely affect the value or relevance of video views, ratings or bonuses.

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