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Add or remove seasons and episodes

You can add or remove seasons and episodes from an episodic title. However, after publishing a season with an availability option of Buy Season, you can't remove episodes from that season.

Add a season

  1. In Your Videos, on the Episodic tab, next to the episodic title, under Actions, click Add season.
  2. On the Catalog Listing tab, in the Season number box, enter a number.
  3. In the Season synopsis box, enter up to a 400-character description of the season.
  4. In the Genre box, enter at least one and up to three genres.

    What are genres?

  5. Each title can have one rating. If you have a rating in multiple countries, we recommend setting the rating in each translation.
    1. In the Rating system list, select a rating system.

      What is Rating system?

    2. In the Rating list, select the assigned rating. If you selected Not rated in the previous step, in the Rating recommendation list, select a suggested audience.
  6. Optionally, in the Original language list, select the release language.
  7. Optionally, in the Original release year, enter the release year.
  8. Under Graphic Assets, click Browse to add key art (16:9 and 4:3) and (optionally) a background image. Please provide all graphic assets in the .jpg and .png file formats. You can add files from your computer or a linked Amazon S3 account

    What are the requirements for key and background art?

  9. Click Save.
  10. Add additional information for Cast & Crew, Episodes, and Availability. For more information, see Change Cast & Crew information, Add or delete an episode, and Change title marketplace availability.
  11. Click Publish.

Remove a season

To make a season unavailable, go to the Availability tab, clear all locations, click Save, and then click Publish. The season will become unavailable except for prior purchases. The detail page remains live. This process might take up to four hours after updates are published.

Add an episode

Note   After publishing a season with the Buy Season availability option, episodes can no longer be added or removed.
  1. In Your Videos, on the Episodic tab, click the arrow button to the left of the episodic title.
  2. Click a season.
  3. On the Episodes tab, click Add episode.
  4. Under Title, enter a name.
  5. Optionally, under Original air date, enter the date the content was first released.
  6. In the Synopsis box, enter up to 400 characters to provide an overview of the episode.
  7. Under Mezzanine file, click Browse to select a file to add. This is your main video file. You can add files from your computer or a linked Amazon S3 account.

    For more information, see Video Requirements.

    What is a mezzanine file?

  8. Select the language of the audio in the video.
  9. Under Captions, click Browse to select your captions data file. You can add files from your computer or a linked Amazon S3 account.
  10. To synchronize the captions file with the video timecode, select the Frame rate and time code method in the lists. For more information about captions, see Caption (timed text) Information.
  11. Select the language of the captions file.
  12. After completing your changes, click Save.
  13. Click Publish.

When adding files from your computer, don’t close your web browser window until the file transfer is complete.

Remove an episode

Episodes are published as part of seasons. After a season is published, episodes can't be removed from the season.

You can make an entire season unavailable which makes all of the episodes within that season unavailable to customers, except prior purchases. See the Remove a season section for more information.

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