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Payments & Banking

We electronically pay royalties to the bank account information you provide.

Add a bank account

  1. In Your Account, click Payment & Banking, and then click Add Bank Account.
  2. Select the location of your bank account, and then click Add.
  3. Follow the steps below matching where your account is located:
  4. United States bank accounts
    European Union bank accounts
    Japan bank accounts

    For bank accounts in other location, please provide the information requested on the form.

Change a bank account number

You can’t change the account number for an account. Create a new bank entry, and then delete the old entry.

Delete a bank account

  • In Your Account, click Payment & Banking, and then for the bank account you want to change, under Bank Account, click Delete account.

Change the currency for royalty payments

Customers pay in their local currencies, but we pay your royalties in the default currency of the bank account’s location. The default currency can’t be changed. You can use a bank account in another location to receive payments in that location's currency.

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