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Account Setup FAQs

Note: For frequently asked questions about required tax information and completing the tax interview, please see Tax Information FAQs.

Can I use my existing Amazon account?

Can I publish my videos to another service?

Are there any fees to use Amazon Video Direct?

What can I publish?

Where can I publish?

What happens if I don’t enter my bank information?

Where can I get my bank information like routing numbers?

What happens if I don’t enter my tax information?

Can I share my Amazon Video Direct account credentials with other people?

Why should I add a second person as an administrator on my account?

Does granting someone administrator rights on my Amazon Video Direct account also allow them access to my personal Amazon account information on Amazon website and services?

How do I see if someone has accepted an invite to be an additional user on my Amazon Video Direct account?

How can I create my account using Japanese characters?

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