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Audio Requirements

  • All audio tracks in a source must be in the same language. 
  • The audio track must only contain a single full audio mix. The track can include dialogue, narration, music, sound effects, and any other audio intended to be heard by the audience. Remove any additional audio tracks, including silent tracks, MOS (mit out sound, motor only sync, motor only shot), M&E (music & effects), and commentary, prior to uploading to Amazon Video Direct.
  • Audio duration and video duration must match. 
  • All embedded audio must meet one of the following channel configurations: 
    • 1-Channel Mono
    • 2-Channel Stereo: Left-Right
    • 6-Channel 5.1 Surround Sound: Left-Right-Center-LFE-Left Surround-Right Surround
    • 8-Channel 5.1 Surround Sound + Stereo: Left-Right-Center-LFE-Left Surround-Right Surround-Left Stereo Total-Right Stereo Total

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